Hello everybody !

As promised, our BIG NEWS will be published today!
As some of you know, my mother died suddenly on December 27th, 2019.
I haven't really addressed that publicly either.

It was one of my worst blows of fate that I had to endure after my father died about 15 years ago.
This time I was able to deal with it better because I was more concerned with how to best deal with such a situation.

Despite everything, it is still very painful for me and I miss my mother very much.

A proverb says: If someone goes, then someone comes!

And that is exactly the case now.

My mother always wanted to have a grandchild before her death.
This wish, one of your last before she died, has now been fulfilled.

My girlfriend Carina and I have a son !!!
It is not only a big surprise for us, but somehow also fate.
Because Carina and my mother spoke at the end of November about when it will finally come and a grandchild is finally coming.

At this point, Carina was already pregnant.

For me a mega surprise and a sign that everything bad also has a "good" part.
Of course it was not a good thing that my mother died but the adage mentioned above is apparently true.
We are looking forward to our small, fine family.
Since the current apartment is now too small for us, we will now also change our place of residence and move into a beautiful new apartment with a garden.

The little man now needs his little empire to grow up and become strong. * grin *

That was actually it again with the news from me.

In the future, there will also be some articles where the little man will also play a role.
Since I am strictly against the little one appearing on the Internet, we will not publish any photos of him.

Please understand.

So I wish you a nice May 1st 2020!


your Peter