Engagement Strategy for Instagram

Engagement strategy for Instagram

Hello everybody,

I've been writing a blog for you again for a long time.

A lot has happened to me in the last few weeks and so I had little time for the blog.

But now there are some blogs for you about Instagram, business etc.

Many of you have an Instagram account and wonder why you are not getting followers.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get followers, it is said from all corners.

I can only partially agree with that.

Because you have to deal intensively with the topic of social media etc.

An important point that many of you forget.

You have to know how algorithms from Instagram, Facebook etc. work in order to get the most out of it.

So tip # 1:

Deal with the systems of the platforms!

Tip # 2:

Interact (likes & comments) with accounts from your niche!

That means, if you are a fashion blogger, only interact with such accounts.

If you are a photographer, interact with other photographers.

If you interact with other niches, e.g. as a photographer with accounts from the stock industry, you will get few or no followers and you will not attract any interest.

Tip # 3:

Find 3-5 large accounts from your niche, follow them and activate all notifications.

So you always get a message when these accounts post.

Then write a comment immediately WITH ADDED VALUE !! and like the post.

So you are one of the first to react to these postings and you can "steal" the followers from the accounts.

Because the following accounts see your comment at the top, maybe like it too and it stays on top.

As a result, you will get followers from just one comment.

Tip # 4:

Also follow hashtags that fit your niche.

And here, too, like and comment with added value.

You will find the TOP and CURRENT categories in the hashtags.

I would always recommend you to like and comment on the posts at AKTUELL.

The mail should not be older than 60 seconds or a maximum of 2-3 minutes old.

Tip # 5:

When you create posts, use small hashtags and not those that have been shared or used millions of times.

You will never be found in these hashtags.

Use hashtag sizes between 1000 - 20,000.

Tip # 6:

Use engagement groups.

I can recommend the following group:


Executive Mafia is a platform that offers engagement rounds.

In this way you also interact with huge accounts and your reach is increased.

I've been using EXM for a while and I'm really excited about how certain posts go viral.

As you have now noticed, it is important to get likes and comments on your posts very early in order to gain reach.

The algorithm doesn't distinguish whether it likes you or not.

This is about RELEVANCE.

It classifies postings according to relevance, i.e. if your postings are not relevant, i.e. if you do not receive any likes or comments in the first 30-60 minutes, you will automatically be classified as not relevant and your reach will be limited.

If you need support with your social media strategy, write me a message and I'll give you a hand.

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I am always looking forward to your feedback on whether you can benefit from my blogs.

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your Peter