How important is a team?

With my idea in my head and many dreams about it, I was standing there now.

How do I do it all now? How do I achieve my goals?

Not possible without a team of experts.

And since I couldn't program and had no other experience in the field, I was desperate.

How do I get the programmers, designers etc.?

Here's a hot tip:

Become the best in your industry, learn everything that goes with it !!

So I first had to understand what a mobile app is and what it takes to make it work.

At that time, however, I thought: That will explain to me. LoL

So I started planning job interviews and "interviewing" people.

From construction engineers to doctors, etc., I had them all. But nobody could help with his programming knowledge.

If I now say that I had spoken to over 100 people about my idea and nobody could help, then I am still shocked.

There was a lack of conviction, motivation and belief in building something big.

These people didn't want to take any chances.

But I do. Full risk.

Here's the next tip:

Only speak to people who are experts or are on their way there.

Let us send you a resume. Check out the history. What have you achieved.

Watch people how you react to your idea.

If you are not immediately passionate about the idea, it makes no sense to stop it.

At least not at the beginning.

And: increase your knowledge of human nature as much as possible.

There are people who often have "two faces".

Today I also give people a chance who may not have as much experience yet, but I also exchange those faster if they cannot deliver and show no will.

My team is spread all over the world: India, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, USA.

The management also comes to Austria.

My right hand when it comes to technology is Alex, he is a developer and one of the people who wants this world.

One of the greatest characters out there.

He has been there from the start and believes in the idea like no other.

THANKS at this point for your commitment and your years of support!

Without his help we would not be where we are.

And the journey is not over yet.

The A&O is the team.

The team is often the most important component for investors too!

The idea often doesn't have to be that good.

Because if the team is very good and can do it all, a not so good idea can be super successful!

The reverse is also true:

A mega good idea cannot be successfully implemented by a bad team!

This thesis is also shared in Silicon Valley. Much stronger than with us!


So talk to so many people about your idea and get to know your future employees or co-founders.

Don't be afraid that someone steals your idea.

If you are good enough, nobody can catch up with you.

No matter how good the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčothers is.

You often learn a lot more from talking to others than when you only have a view from above yourself.

Get feedback from your future customers!

And now get to work! Build a team that pulls together!

Learn, make mistakes and become successful!

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Good luck <3

Your Peter