How much risk must there be?


Do you really have to risk everything to be successful?

I say yes.

Where do I start again ...

After I got to high school, I started thinking big.

And not just big, but sometimes too big. But I felt comfortable in it.

Having millions in the account, owning a yacht, owning a nice villa, etc.

Back then, those were my dreams and goals. I've always thought a lot further and crazier than others. I also always said to my parents: I'm going to be a millionaire!

Of course, you smiled at all those dreams and desires back then.

I quickly learned that everything has to be worked hard and had to buy and work a lot myself.

Learn to appreciate what you own. It was a tough school.

I come from a well-off family that was not rich but I lacked nothing.

But it was always too little for me. I had to learn that. Appreciate something that others may not have.

And when I attended the Altm√ľnster agricultural school, I took the first risk.

I wasn't the biggest student and frankly I didn't feel like studying etc.

But who has that at that age ;-)

Then when I started my first self-employment, I took the next risk.

Independent funds, selling insurance. At just 20 years old.

That was a bigger risk. But I learned from it. It was my first steps as an entrepreneur. And I am grateful that I got this chance at the time.

The founding in the USA was the biggest entrepreneurial risk I have taken so far.

Of course, such a foundation is not free of charge. It's expensive, SAU EXPENSIVE.

Somehow I had to have thousands of euros at hand to pay for the foundation and everything that goes with it. Then I had to pay the costs of my own website, domain, server costs etc.

Then there were travel expenses. I had to go to my founding colleague in Frankfurt to discuss everything. Then I had to go to Vorarlberg to complete the foundation with our founding agent etc.

So there was a lot going on and a lot of money was already in circulation.

I take full risk to this day.

So far, six-figure sums have been spent on my entire company to implement everything we have planned so far.

Of course I don't risk it because I'm funny or because I don't know what else to do with the money.

On the contrary, I know better things.

But I'm investing in my future.

And that's worth the risk, isn't it?

Of course I could also fail, I and my partners are aware of that.

But the learning would not be lost.

Because you never stop learning.

And in the USA, for example, it is easier to get an investment if you have already put a company in the sand.

Why? Clearly because then you learned from the mistakes.

My tip today is this:

Think through your ideas and take risks.

Not everyone is made for it, but if you are passionate about your ideas, it will be worth it!

And if you fail, see it positively, even if it is difficult.

Because then you learned something that others didn't learn.

And for the next time you are better equipped.

Do you want more tips? Do you need support for your project?

Then write me a message!


Your Peter