How do I deal with setbacks?

The topic of FAILURE is often a taboo topic!

But why actually?

Here, as so often, I would like to compare Austria with the USA.

In Austria is a defeat, or that often fails as a knight to lose.

But we fail every day, often not even consciously.

In the business world, defeat is just as much a part of everyday business as failure in private life.

If you fail as an entrepreneur in Austria or experience a setback, you are often the loser immediately.

Statements like: The loser, now he is bankrupt.

Or: Such a wannabe entrepreneur.

The list of such statements is long. Very long.

But why is so often talked about people?

Most of those who make such statements are jealous, often have achieved nothing themselves or simply have too little education in the field of business etc.

The opposite can be seen in the United States.

Failure is even desirable here. No matter whether in business or private.

If you fail or experience a defeat, it means that you are in a learning process and have learned from the consequences and you do not make the mistakes a second time.

When you fail as an entrepreneur in the United States, you often have more attention from investors than when you don't fail.

But how do you deal personally with defeats?

What does failure do with your own mindset?

Here are my experiences and my personal approach:

I have dealt with the topic of failure from the start. Maybe you should do that too.

I have often read other stories where the founders tell of the defeat.

You can often take a few tips from such fail stories yourself.

Of course, your own mental strength plays a big role.

The best thing would be to check off the topic immediately, analyze what you did wrong and take the learning with you into the future.

In my opinion, you shouldn't deal with defeat for too long.

Then the negative things deepen and you have to strengthen your mindset again.

This is again a mental effort that should not be.

I eg listen to music very often. Watch me motivating YouTube videos of people who have failed successfully and then experienced great success.

The exchange with other founders or people who have already experienced defeats is often worth its weight in gold.

You often motivate each other subconsciously. So often a WIN-WIN situation.

Everyone has to test for themselves how to deal with such things and how to stay on the ball.

Every time I fail I am so motivated that I often believe in myself more than before.

Every time a defeat tries to strike me down, I have more strength to fight than before.

If you know beforehand that you are very sensitive and tend to give up, then immediately find someone to build you up, read something motivating, etc.

But don't be alone or keep thinking about the negative things.

But don't give up.

You often have to accept defeat.

After that you should come back full of courage and be stronger than before.

And the most important thing: Don't make the mistakes again.

I hope I was able to give you a little MOTIVATION so that you will be stronger in the future when a defeat is just around the corner.

If you need more advice, my first coaching is FREE.

Do not give up and keep fighting!


Your Peter