My opinion about network marketing !

Network Marketing & Trading Businesses!

You know them all. The young millionaires with gold Rolex watches and Gucci sweaters.
(Women& Men)

Everyone I know has been contacted at least once by such sales people.

I would like to make one thing clear here:

In this post I write my personal opinion. Everyone has to judge for himself how he meets such people and what he should think of it.

I have never worked for such a company or "team" and will NEVER do that!

The positive at the beginning.

The people who sell such trading models or the boars that are active in network marketing have recognized the trend. You are concerned about digitization and already have a small but correct mindset approach.

But that's it with the positive aspect again.

You can make money with it, but you have to question everything and then you come to the following conclusion:

All promises made by these sellers and self-proclaimed millionaires are exaggerated and lied.

If it were so easy to make money and be a millionaire, no one in the world would go hungry.

You cannot just say that you are a marketing expert in network marketing and have just attended book readings etc.

Or you are global CEO of a trading product and have no experience in leading people.

The strategy of such teams and salespeople is as follows:

They talk to you as long as you can earn millions until you give in.

Families and friendships have been destroyed here.

And all because of greed and unbridled hunger for success.

Stories from my personal environment confirm that only the top sellers etc earn really good.

All others are only accepted if the turnover is correct and if there is a consequence.

And if there are supporters of such systems that earn thousands of euros / dollars as a normal member, then it goes well until the tax office knocks and wants to have his part.

Especially if you earn money on the side, you should inform yourself beforehand!

No matter whether with an international account or not. Profits must be taxed.

And the young, self-proclaimed millionaires often don't know that.

The often sent screenshots of the profits, trading trends etc. are often not up to date and are simply passed on.

Here is the next tip from me if you want to try such a system:

The money that you have to or want to use here should be seen as play money.

Be aware that you can lose everything you use.

It is also often required that you have to buy a product yourself. For hundreds of euros / dollars!

Please be careful here too.

The most important thing: DO NOT take any CREDITS or anything else!

Trading, stocks etc. are highly speculative. No matter whether with trading robots etc.

The financial damage can be extremely high!

It is good if you are open to alternatives etc.

Find a system where you have the reins in your hand and with which you can identify.

No matter whether trading or other products in network marketing.

I would be happy about your stories and experiences.

Share this PLEASE in the comments below!

In this sense


Your Peter