My opinion about Covid-19

COVID-19 meets the people of Austria !

Hello everybody,

on the occasion, I would now like to comment on the outbreak of the corona virus.

Since I have never expressed my opinion on politics etc. in social media and have never taken sides, I will only do this very briefly here.

The positive thing that I just notice is that it is held together in politics and that differences of opinion are postponed until later.

I think the Austrian population feels this.

And it should stay that way, because I am afraid that if the virus is overcome, you will fall into the same rut as before. Politically, that would be a shame, as you can take up new paths here!

That was it with politics.

Now to the hamster purchases:

Everyone knows that this is an exceptional situation.

However, we all know that you should have supplies. However, this was always laughed at because nothing can happen to beautiful Austria anyway. ZACK and there we have the salad.

And suddenly people run to the supermarkets and fight over goods that are NOT necessary for survival.

For me a sign of stupidity.

Hoarding toilet paper and buying away the weak and old things from under your nose?

An absolute cheek!

In my opinion, all these people who behave like mad people and don't turn their brains on shouldn't vote anymore and should be punished for it.

Austria is one of the richest countries in the world.

Of course, a product may be out of print. And ? Is that bad?

Then you take something else. Or do without it!

This only shows how pampered we are and how this luxury changes our lives.

Switch on your common sense and think before you act !!!

And now to the companies and entrepreneurs:

The government's € 4 billion package is a good start to help companies overcome this crisis.

However, my opinion is that especially sole traders need help immediately.

These are the most affected.

These do not have large reserves.

Of course everyone has to be helped, but the "weak" and "small" should be helped before the big and financially strong.

This crisis will create a lot of bankruptcies. And livelihoods will definitely be destroyed here!

To prevent this, a separate package should be created for this group.

And finally:

FAKE messages in the social networks.

I feel sick when I look at people sharing and spreading all and every dirt before they question or think about these things!

Are you all bothered? All who act like that should not have access to something !!!!

Then they are not able to act as adults!

But whine when you get hacked or data is lost!

Blame you idiots. What do you share every dirt or click on everything where the source is not confirmed!

So here is my call:

Think before you act!

Finally, I would also like to point out that everyone can help to overcome this crisis!

Take care of each other. Protects the old and frail and of course the CHILDREN.

Take your personal hygiene seriously and only share information where the source has been confirmed.

So from the government or BMI or something else!

I hope that the world can recover in the meantime and that nature can heal your wounds that man has caused!

In this sense,


your Peter