A day in Silicon Valley

What does a day in Silicon Valley look like?

The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the airport in San Josè was the helpfulness and friendliness of the Americans.

The Americans are really not shy and if you are not a local you will be strapped straight away.

You will be addressed immediately if you need help or what you are looking for etc.

As Austria, you are immediately welcome and welcome to ARNI THANKS.

The size of the city and everything around it takes getting used to.

Hustle and bustle wherever you look and there is always something going on. No matter what time or what day.

Silicon Valley didn't sleep before I was told to leave. I can confirm that.

Since I had booked my accommodations through AIRBNB, the landlords and roommates etc were the first contacts I had.

I immediately noticed: This is where the whole world comes together.

No matter if Chinese, Spaniards, Mexicans, Austrians, Germans etc. They were all there.

Many of you, of course, also with the same dream as me: Successful start in SV!

The first day in your own office:

I founded my company like The Big Tech Companies (Google, Facebook, Paypal etc.) in Delaware. However, we rented the office in the famous PlugandPlay TechCenter in Sunnyvale. Where PayPal etc had its first office. Mega cool right?

And also there I immediately got into conversation with everyone. That just couldn't be avoided.

People wanted to know where I came from and what was pulling me into the valley.

And what can I say, of course it was again the dream to be successful in the Valley.

At the time I was already like many others, I had a US corporation, an office in the famous PLUGandPLAY Center. And all built up from the little Gmunden.

You want to know how I managed to get to the Facebook headquarters and how I met an ex-Googler who was a 40s Google employee?

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Stay tuned <3

Your Peter