A day in the empire of Facebook

How did I get into the  Facebook headquarter ?

Since I also had to examine the night & party scene around Sunnyvale, Mountain View and Palo Alto, I naturally got to know mega cool and smart young people.

I met a young and nice lady with whom I often met after this party night and who introduced me to some cool people.

Since I really wanted to see the HQ from Facebook, from the outside, I asked you if we could take a day trip there.

The answer was blatant. She said to me: From the outside? It's much better from the inside.

A friend of hers who danced in the same salsa dance group as her was a programmer there.

He developed some cool features from Facebook. (Group function etc)

One day it was ready. We took a Lyft-Ride, how could it be otherwise, to the Baby Blue Houses on Facebook.

We were then picked up at the entrance, because you can only come in as a family member or as an invited guest or meeting partner.

So I was inside. Incredible right?

And it was actually as expected.

It was an open-plan office, the cables could be seen hanging from the ceiling, the steel girders of the building were not clad, and vending machines came with accessories for Iphone, Ipad etc.

Awesome. I was speechless again.

The employees are offered everything that one can actually dream of.

Barber shop, free food (also for home), smartphones, library, etc.

You really want to retain employees. And that works just fine!

No view of stress.

On the contrary, it all felt like a big playground for tech nerds.

After a great lunch and really great conversations with smart people, I was shown the old office of "Zuck". "Zuck" = Mark Zuckerberg

And then the incredible: Mark Zuckerberg scurried past us very quickly as he was on the way to a meeting.

Unfortunately there was no conversation with him, that would have been the highlight.

Conclusion: Facebook is a magical place, where magical things happen and where really cool and open people work. Day and night.

In any case, I will go back to the Facebook empire if the opportunity arises again.

Look forward to my next post!

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Stay tuned <3

Your Peter