I use these platforms to increase my reach!

Peter, how do you get almost 11,500 followers?

This is the most common question I get on social media channels!

Hello everybody!

Today I want to give you an overview of the platforms that I use to build followers and reach.

Here is an overview of my channels:

1) Facebook

2) Instagram

3) Pinterest

4) LinkedIn

5) websites

These are my channels that I use regularly.

Facebook and Instagram are my standard channels that I use the most.

I've been working on Pinterest recently and I love this tool. Later more.

LinkedIn is my professional network where I get information about business and network with business contacts. I rarely post anything here. This is how I build my worldwide network!

Finally there are websites that I run to the individual companies to offer my customers / followers and fans a platform where they can find out about me and my companies or come directly to the product.

Why so many platforms is probably your next question. Right?

Very easily. You need different platforms where you can do different activities.

Instagram is still the best platform to build reach

I have sent all of my Facebook followers to Instagram, I am sending all of my Instagram followers to my website where I can offer everything related to startup social media and success.

Since I always fill all stories and always have the same destination, you get website visitors etc.

I post a ton of photos on Pinterest on various topics.

The great thing about Pinterest: Each picture can be linked with a link.

So that you immediately get to the website or the social media channel.

You can also use these to send these people to your site.

The disadvantage of Pinterest: You really had to cut a lot of content out.

You should post 5-10 pictures a day to generate range.

Furthermore, there is now a platform that is growing rapidly - TIK TOK.

I have no experience with Tik Tok, but you should inform yourself about it, maybe it is something for you.

It is important that you always have a destination where you can guide your customers, followers and fans.

Offer high-quality content so that there is also added value for your target group.

yes my dear, that's it again with my platforms.

Here is a link to a great product where you can post on multiple platforms and have a great overview of your activities.

Social poster app: https://bit.ly/2xhVXdg

I hope this post was helpful for you.

You are welcome to give me feedback in the comments or write to me on my channels.


Your Peter