The way to be a founder

Why startup founder?

The urge and desire for independence has always been there!
Not making his boss a millionaire, but myself.
That was and is my goal!
My first self-employment was some years ago. At that time I worked as a wealth & insurance consultant for one of the largest companies. On an independent basis.
The earnings were first 0, then I shot up to the best junior seller in Austria and then suddenly I was back at 0.
At the time, I probably lacked the experience and knowledge necessary to be successful in this industry. However, I will not regret that, no matter whether good or bad experiences, you learn from both and that is the most important thing.
Then the startup scene got rolling.
At that time I was in contact with a former school colleague again.
He was already successful and was in beautiful Monaco, Frankfurt etc.
Incredible to me and intangible at this point in time.
After long discussions, his idea was that I should program something!
Haha, great. I was glad that I had the basic knowledge on the PC.
So I took up the challenge and plunged into startup life.
My motto is: DOESN'T WORK - DO NOT exist!
After long deliberations and ideas, the idea for came up.
With LifePole-Your Daily Companion, we want to support people in all walks of life to find the right companies and services.
Now one or the other sure says: Ok great but there are Yelp and Google?
That's right, but Yelp really got a bad reputation in the United States, and that's just fine with us.
No sooner said than done: I looked for a team, founded the company in Silicon Valley and launched my first website.
Until then I was floating on cloud 7. Until then I thought I'm the King - HAHA
However, things turned out differently.
I flew to the realm of tech stars in 2017. Ins famous, infamous SILICON VALLEY in California.
My first dream came true. I was in the US!
The goal was to spend 3 months there and make contacts and find a first investor for our idea.
I quickly found contacts and friends.
Investors but no one invested in LifePole Inc.
A first success at the beginning of February.
The first investor from Austria got in at $ 15k and we could continue to live our dream.
If you read this, a big THANKS to you!
I am still learning a lot and fail regularly.
But giving up is still out of the question for me and my team.
We are now about to launch our IOS & Android app and have a large team of programmers, designers, consultants, etc.
We rock the thing with enormous effort and costs and of course hope for success.
I have definitely arrived in the startup scene.
More on this in one of my next blogs.
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Stay tuned <3
Your Peter