Book recommendation #4

From farmer to multi-millionaire!

Hello guys, welcome to a new blog and book recommendation.

But first I want to thank you today. With whom? WITH YOU NATURALLY.

My blogs, posts are very well received by you out there and I always get very, very great feedback. And the access numbers confirm that.


So now we come to the next book that I want to introduce to you.

You all know him, Florian Gschwandtner.

He is Austria's IDOL Founder and one of the most successful start-up founders in Europe.

After his incredible path from being an agricultural student to becoming a multi-millionaire, he wrote a book.

The title of the book is very clear: This is how startup works. My life, my secret to success.

Florian wrote in the book his journey from the rebellious student of an agricultural school to a multi-millionaire.

His path to "Mister Runtastic" was clearly not predictable.

As the son of farmers in Strengberg / Lower Austria, he should have followed in his parents' footsteps.

But he decided against this way.

With extremely high ambition, courage and smart ways of thinking, he created the basis for later success.

He succeeded in doing this, which millions of startup founders dream of. THE EXIT.

He simply sold his startup Runtastic to Adidas. And for € 220 MILLION.

In this book, he mentions all the hurdles and successes that he went through.

His rebellious time at the agricultural school is also very exciting and fun at the same time.

I personally find myself in it!

The book is for startup founders, athletes, leaders and all those who want to find their way or are already on their way and need motivation.

Furthermore, his companions such as Hansi Hansmann, Andreas Wiele (Axel Springer SE) and many more in a small interview.

So if you need motivation or just want to have an insight into an incredible startup journey, this is the perfect book for you that you should definitely buy and read!

And dear Florian, should you read that, a signature in my book would still be pending ;-)

Here are the details of the book:

Author: Florian Gschwandtner

Pages: 240

ISBN: 978-3-7110-0177-1

LINK to the book:

That's it again.

You are welcome to leave me feedback on how you liked the book.


Your Peter