Book recommendation #3

From refugee and early school leaver to international entrepreneur!

In this blog I present you a book by a person who has done everything possible for his success.

Not only that he and his parents came to Austria from a foreign country and worked very hard, no, he also had over 50 different jobs!

You read that right, 50

We're talking about Ali Mahlodji.

He is one of the founders of Whatchado. A platform where people tell about their careers, professions and dreams by video.

He was born in Iran, came to Europe as a refugee and grew up in a refugee home.

As a stuttering adolescent, he dropped out of high school and tried out as many jobs as almost none.

Ali shows with his career that it makes no difference where you come from.

In his book, he also shows how important it is to have an education and that you should always pursue your dreams.

I personally find his story very emotional and very motivating.

Highly recommended and exciting!

Here are the book details:

Author: Ali Mahlodji

Pages: 312

ISBN: 978-3-430-20234-3

LINK to the book:

Have fun while reading


Your Peter