Book recommendation #2

Finance is an important topic!

Book recommendation No. 2 is dedicated to finance.

Unfortunately in today's society you are immediately pushed into the hamster wheel of society.

Those who follow the advice of narrow-minded people often end up in a system that is often difficult to escape.

It is important that our children and child-children understand the monetary system.

Most people invest their hard-earned money in values ‚Äč‚Äčthat don't give anything back and make consumer debt. And then you are trapped all your life in this system!

In my opinion, the topic of finance should be taught in schools!

It has to be understood that you should let the money work for you and you don't work for the money.

The mindset in people's minds alone would make a difference here, but people often believe that only the rich have the opportunity to invest and become rich.

Unfortunately, this is a completely wrong picture of the topic of FINANCE.

The following book humorously tells how 2 fathers, one REICH and the other ARM, want to explain the topic of money to their son.

Of course I read the book myself and think it's so great.

Arm & Reich's views are very different.

If you still have the mindset of the "poor father", you should change it to that of the "rich father" as soon as possible.

Now for the details of the book:

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki / Sharon L. Lechner

Pages: 286

ISBN: 978-3-442-21778-6

LINK to the book:


I will introduce more of Robert T. Kiyosaki.

I hope you enjoy reading and would be happy to receive feedback from you.


Your Peter