Book recommendation # 1 for founders & startup enthusiasts

A book that you should read as a founder!

Hello everybody :)

Today it's about books that I think every founder and startup enthusiast should have read.

Reading in general is very important. But you should also read the right one.

It is an important basis for founders of their own business.

Where else can you get better insights into the world where you want to go?

Regardless of whether it's founder stories, financial world reading or biographies.

All of these books are very important for founders.

The successful people summarize their path compactly and I personally have often been able to motivate myself even more, learn something new or even find new ways how to tackle something.

Today I want to introduce the first book.

I will post some recommendations here in the next few weeks to share my list of books with you.

Of course I have read all of the books that I am presenting here!

I will only write a few words about the content, but of course I will list all the details about the book afterwards. (Name, author, number of pages, ISBN)

Today's and First Book is:

Silicon Valley - What to expect from the most powerful valley in the world

I, as the founder of a US startup and a USA fan, can of course recommend this.

This book is about why Silicon Valley has become as famous as the people who live there think. How fast is digitization going there? Which industries are advancing and much more.

Furthermore, the comparison to Europe is drawn, which I personally find very interesting.

Because in my opinion Europe (especially Austria) has long lost the race against Silicon Valley.

According to some statements, Austria should lag 20 years behind the US valley.

A very exciting statement. Let's see if you're right.

I would be very interested in your opinion. Just leave a comment below. Would be very happy.

The book helps to understand the global structural change and shows the important meaning for it.

So if you are interested in digital revolution, digitalization, tech and the USA and would like to know why the Americans think the way you think, you should definitely read this book!

If this book recommendation was helpful, I would be happy to receive your feedback.

Even if it was not helpful, I ask you to leave your feedback.

Here are the promised details:

Author: Christoph Keese

Book title: Silicon Valley - What to expect from the most powerful valley in the world

Number of pages: 320

ISBN: 978-3-8135-0556-6

LINK to the book:


Your Peter