Peter Oberlik

Entrepreneur & Visionary

At the end of 2016, he founded his first startup, LifePole Inc., in the famous Silicon Valley.

On January 1st, 2017, he traveled to Silicon Valley and made unique experiences there, making contacts with the largest tech companies, e.g. Facebook, Google, Paypal, Fiscalnote and many more and built a large network in the startup industry.

His know-how in the field of leadership, product management,

Peter taught himself social media & marketing and much more and completed several training courses in IT and management using platforms such as Udacity or WIFI Austria.

Peter Oberlik is founder, visionary and startup enthusiast with international activities in the startup & internet industry.

Born in Austria, Peter completed his training at the agricultural college in Altmünster / Upper Austria.

However, his international career began in 2016 after his passion for technology and startups.

Inspired by many young company founders, he developed a new vision and decided to realize his dream of founding a startup in the USA.

Peter shares his experiences and his startup journey on Instagram.

With 12,000 followers, he already has a large reach and fan base.

On his site you will not only find lifestyle content but also helpful tips and tricks on how to found a startup and how to start on Instagram and earn money with it.

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The Love of Photography

Today EPIC SHOT is a project under construction that deals with aerial photography and promotional videos.

As a passionate hobby photographer, Peter realized a dream in February 2020.
He combined a love of photography with a love of technology and started the drone photography project.

Official addresses:


Instagram: Epic_Shot_Official


Own Startup & Social Media Guide

Since Peter was repeatedly approached by people about how he managed to found a company in the USA and generate almost 15,000 followers on his social media channels, he wanted to pass on the knowledge he had acquired.

So he wrote his own guide.

On 63 pages he explains how you can build a reach on Instagram and sell your own products and, following the social media part, he explains exactly how to found a company, what it takes.

And all from anywhere in the world.

Take a look at: